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I want to express my gratitude to HM Group Canadian Immigration Services for the fantastic services that they provided me. I was refused my Canadian Study Permit twice , so I was referred to HM Group and they succeeded in getting my application approved. I am now preparing or my trip to Canada. I want to thank them for everything that they did for me and I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to immigrate to Canada.


Muntasir Munir Moon, Bangladesh

Words cannot express my happiness when I was advised by HM Group Canadian Immigration that my Visa was approved and I could travel to Canada. Their service was excellent and I am very grateful to them.


Muhammad Ali Abbas, Saudi Arabia

I want to thank HM Group Canadian Immigration Services for helping me with my work permit.

I applied because one of my friends was very happy with their service and in only 2 months, my work permit was approved. I recommend HM Group Canadian Immigration services to all who what to have success with their immigration application.


Dekang Lei, China

My name is Emy Lahura Robles ID C0797713, I would like to inform you that my study permit got approved, and now I can continue my studies at Lambton college. Helen Michaelidou of HM Group Canadian Immigration Services was my Counselor who helped me to go through the application process since the first time when I applied through another company my visa did not go through. I thank HM Group for their support and attention.


Emy Lahura Robles, Brazil

I am deeply grateful to HM Group Canadian Immigration, for their help with my Canadian Visa to Canada. Their assistance made everything so much easier and I was able to come into Canada without hassles. HM Group’s services have proven to be very reliable and efficient as I was able to get my Student Visa within a short period of time. This was also followed up by accommodation arrangements and constant checking up just to make sure I was comfortable. I really appreciate their efforts and would recommend them any day.


Yami Emami, Nigeria

I was introduced to HM Group Canadian Immigration Services through my college and they did an incredible job on my application. I used their services 3 times and all were successful.

They took their time to explain everything to me and I felt very comfortable. I recommend HM Group to all that want to have excellent service.


Arturo Alfredo Gonalez Castro, Mexico

HM Group Canadian Immigration gave me the best service. I am happy to say that I have used their services four times and all my application s were successful. I told all my friends about HM Group.


Nikhil Sharma, India

I applied for my Study Permit through HM Group Canadian Immigration and I wan approved in 6 weeks. I am very happy because now I’m in Canada. I highly recommend their services to everyone who wants to study in Canada.


Sami Akon, Bangladesh

I want to thank HM Group Canadian Immigration Services. I wanted to come to Canada to work as a Child Caregiver and HM Group, were able to get a job for me with a very nice family and they also helped me to get my Visa and Work Permit. I then invited my husband with the help of HM Group and he is now here also on a work Permit. I owe everything to HM Group and I recommend them to all of my friends.


Amandeep Kaur, India

My name is Cherry Aviles Reforma. I am from the Philippines. My dream was to come to Canada to work as a Caregiver. A friend of mine referred me to HM Group. I am happy to say that they gor me a job as a Caregiver to take care of an elderly lady with a very nice family in Canada. My application for my LMIA was successful and also my Work Permit. I am in Canada for the past one year and I am very happy.

I owe it all to HM Group Canadian Immigration Services.


Cherry Aviles Reforma, Philippines

My name is Zacharia Mugo from Kenya. I am grateful to HM Group Canadian Immigration for helping me get my Visitor Visa to Canada. This is the best and genuine immigration company. Thanks to Helen Michaelidou the immigration counsellor of HM Group Canadian Immigration Services.

Zacharia Mugo, Kenya


The team at HM Group are a group of professionals dedicated to you and all your immigration needs. We understand the emotion and frustration involved in the immigration process; for this reason, our focus is to establish a relationship with our clients in order to achieve the positive results that we all want and to make the process as efficient as possible. Whether your immigration needs are for permanent residence or of a temporary nature we are here to help you.
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