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Approved PR Immigrants Can Travel to Canada As Early As June 2021

The big news comes out from the IRCC on 21 June 2021 where approved PR immigrants can now travel to Canada. Many candidates of permanent residency programs having approved PR status will now be able to travel to Canada from 21 June 2021. Valid COPR holders can now enter Canada. [...]

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Canada’s Business Leaders Demand Plan to Reopen Borders

Vancouver, Canada – United States, Customs and Border Protection CBP and Vancouver, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) work together for border crossing efficiency. The United States and Canada Customs work together in the Vancouver International Airport NEXUS office processing passengers. The NEXUS program allows low-risk pre-screened travellers expedited processing when [...]

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As Canada’s Economy Rebounds, Construction Industry Needs Hundreds of Thousands of Workers

A report by BuildForce Canada says hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Canadian construction industry are expected to open up in the coming decade and immigrants are being wooed to fill them. “Canada’s construction outlook is strong for 2021 and well into the middle portion of the decade thanks [...]

More Low-Skilled Workers Should Become Permanent Residents, Says Ryerson University Study

Ryerson University study recommends a high-volume pathway to permanent residence for lower-skilled residents in Canada. Canada should do more to retain lower-skilled temporary residents in Canada, according to a Ryerson University policy brief. The brief was published by the Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Migration and Integration. The CERC is [...]

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Immigration Programs for International Graduates in Canada

You have a number of options to stay in Canada after you graduate. Having a Canadian credential plus domestic work experience makes you a prime candidate for several immigration programs. There are some streams that just require a credential, such as a master’s or PhD, but having Canadian work experience [...]

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Canada’s International Graduates: Don’t Lose Hope

Many were hoping to benefit from the English-speaking International Graduates stream that Canada launched on May 6. This was the most popular of the six streams introduced by Canada to allow some 90,000 additional international graduates and essential workers to apply for permanent residence. The two English-speaking essential worker streams [...]

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Ottawa to Create New System to Tackle Delays in Processing Immigration Applications

Ottawa says it will create a new digital platform to help process immigration applications more quickly after the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the need for a faster shift to a new system. The federal government pledged in the 2021 budget to spend $428.9 million over the next five years to deliver [...]

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Canada Named Best Country in the World by U.S. News and World Report

Canada is now considered to be the best country in the world, according to a survey by U.S. News & World Report. “The North American country ranked first in both the quality of life and social purpose sub- rankings, meaning that it is seen as a stable and safe society [...]

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Canada to Welcome 6,000 Caregivers for Permanent Residency by the End of 2021

Canada’s immigration department plans to finalize 6,000 caregiver applications for permanent residence by December 31, 2021. In a statement released on April 15, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) said it will finalize the applications for caregivers who have completed their in-Canada work experience, as well as their immediate family [...]

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